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Screening of “Made in Bhutan” in Berne, Switzerland on 23rd October: 

Loden’s ‘Made in Bhutan’ documentary film by Hirondelle Chartland, portraying the emergence of entrepreneurship in Bhutan which was screened in Berne, Switzerland on 23rd October was an enormous success with His Excellency, Lynpo Yeshi Dorji, the Ministe[...] readmore »


Student empowerment through entrepreneurship development: 

To explore and develop the entrepreneurial potential of students, the Loden Foundation launched its student empowerment through entrepreneurship development programme. The event was organised at the Gaeddu College of Business Studies. A Memorandum of Understan[...] readmore »



In the hope of engaging our youths productively during their free time, Mr Thinley Phuntsho (2013 batch of LODEN ENTREPRENEUR) has revived Thimphu’s only public swimming pool with better facilities with safety measures. He has hired the international trainer[...] readmore »

Welcome to the Loden Foundation

Loden is dedicated to fostering an enlightened and happy society in Bhutan through the promotion of education, learning and entrepreneurship among the Bhutanese children and young adults. Managed by a group of people with shared vision, interests and concerns, The Loden Foundation runs programmes to provide educational and entrepreneurial opportunities and facilities at preschool, school and post-school stages.

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